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My Mother, the Car November 12, 2008

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File this one in the “so wacky you can’t make this up” category…


In 1965 a show called “My Mother, the Car” was produced and ran for only one season. In the show, an attorney named David Crabtree buys an antique car only to hear it call his name–in his dead mother’s voice! Yes, it turns out the car is actually his reincarnated mother. The show follows Crabtree’s adventures as he attempts to keep Mother out of the clutches of a shady car collector…


Mother herself was specially built by a company called Barris Kustom Industries. The vehicle had a 4.6L Chevy V8. The body was made from parts of a number of 1920’s autos including a Model T, a Hudson and a Maxwell.

How bad was this show? Well, TV guide ranked it as the second worst show of all time, just behind Jerry Springer…