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George Clooney’s Coffin-mobile December 8, 2008

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George Clooney has been a modern day screen icon throughout the 90’s and into the present day. He made a name for himself on the popular hospital drama ER before an even more successful foray into big screen motion pictures.

george clooney tango 600 electric


A string of critical and commercial hits followed including “The Perfect Storm”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and culminating in a Best Supporting Actor win for “Syrianna”. These successes solidified his reputaton as a A-list actor as well as a heatthrob to his legion of female admirers.

So what does this suave superstar drive? An Aston Martin? A BMW? Nope. He can actually be seen cruising the mean streets in an electric Tango 600, perhaps one of the most hideous vehicles ever produced.

The Tango resembles an anorexic Smart and is priced at $108,000! It is made by the Washington based Commuter Cars and boasts A width of under 40 inches and a 0-60mph of 4 seconds. Clooney’s association with the vehicle brought the car company some much appreciated PR and it also highlighted the star’s dedication to environmental causes.