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Chris Brown, Rihanna and a Lamborghini March 1, 2009

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Chris Brown, the R&B sensation, has accomplished much in a short amount of time. At the tender age of 19, he already has a string of hits including radio juggernauts “Kiss Kiss” and “With You”. Brown’s successes are not limited to only soulful croonings. He recently forayed into the world of acting– guest starring in episodes of the O.C.


Unfortunately, Brown’s fame has been overshadowed by a recent domestic violence incident when he was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend Rihanna. He was unavailable to perform at the Grammys, and now his future seems uncertain. Pictures of Rihanna emerged showing the extent of the damage, and fueling anger toward Brown’s actions.

Now onto what matters–the cars…..

Brown was known to have a Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe– an awesome ride fit for a celebrity who feels he has to impress people further. Yet despite this apparent ownership, it was Brown’s rented Lambo that was taken by police and may be used to build evidence against him. This sad vehicle is wasting away in a police impound lot awaiting its day in court. Now that’s the real crime…



Criss Angel’s Amazing Lineup of Cars February 23, 2009

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Criss Angel levitated to the heights of popularity in the last few years and gained a large following in the process. Like David Blaine, Angel is part of the new breed of magicians who eschew the smoke, mirrors, and tigers of yesteryear in favor of a more closeup and intimate style of magic. This includes card and coin tricks as well as a host of original acts such as walking on water and tearing a woman in half.


These sensational displays have resulted in the magician’s own TV specials and shows. And this in turn lead to $$$$ and the potential for living the lavish lifestyle. So it is not too surprising that Angel has a collection of cars including what appears to be a Lamborghini, Corvette and a Viper. All of these beauties are “murdered out”, i.e. painted black with black mods and accessories–quite fitting for a practitioner of the “dark arts”!


source: www.celebritycarsblog.com

Snoop Dog’s Smart ForTwo February 9, 2009

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Snoop Dogg has long been a fixture in rap music, rising in fame alongside stalwarts Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur and others. He helped to pioneer gangsta rap which was enormously popular from the mid nineties to the present day. His westcoast g-funk style set Snoop apart and hits such as “Who am I?” and “Gin and Juice” received generous airplay.


Now I’m guessing Snoop owns several vehicles, surely pimped out and with shiny rims. However, this video appeared on the net showing the rapper squeezing into a minuscule smart — not exactly a car you’d associate with a lavish lifestyle. He attempts to fit into the vehicle alongside a beefy gentleman who appears to be the reincarnation of the Notorious B.I.G.

A good laugh was had by all and Snoop will surely stagger off unharmed to blaze up some sticky icky!

Paris Hilton’s Barbie Car! January 28, 2009

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When the topic of brainless socialites comes up, one name is heard above all others. Paris Hilton!

The hotel-heiress is now firmly established in pop culture and is as infamous as she is famous. Whatever her true personality might be is hidden under a torrent of gossip, tabloid news, and perceptions shaped by the media.


Paris first rocketed to fame with the release of a widely distributed sex-tape. She continuted to be talked about after numerous ads, fashion tie-ups and hook-ups kept her in the spotlight. Most recently she forayed into the world of pop music with an effort which, though not a fiasco, was still decidedly underwhelming.  Many have compared Paris to Barbie, because of their shared glamorous lifestyles,  objectification by the observer and the fact that both are made of plastic.

Now when you think of Barbie, what color comes to mind? Pink of course! Pink is unsurprisingly Paris’s favorite color and is fitting for her ride of choice.  Now the Bentley Continental GT Coupe is an eye catching ride by any standards, but after getting the Paris treatment the vehicle has been transformed into a monstrosity that can only be described with howls. The car was showcased at SEMA in 2008 and modified by West Coast customs.

source: http://www.celebritycarsblog.com


Gavin Rossdale and his Family-Wagon January 22, 2009

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The rise and fall of grunge defined the US music scene of the early 90’s. Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and others let loose a torrent of angsty hits upon the apathetic youth–songs which are forever tied to the spirit of that age.


Out of grunge’s ashes rose a loosely defined genre known as post-grunge, which melded grungy residuals with a more commercial appeal. The poster-band of this movement was Bush, lead by vocalist Gavin Rossdale.

Rossdale and Co. were a huge success in the US, and the singer’s scratchy vocals could be heard in such hits as “Machinehead”, “The Chemicals Between Us”, and “Swallowed”. Rossdale’s post-Bush public life has been dominated by his marriage to No Doubt songstress Gwen Stefani and the pair’s two children. With a growning family, it is not surprising that Rossdale opts for an R-Class Mercedes Wagon.


This beast boasts all of Mercedes’s familiar luxuries, plus extra room for all the kiddies!

images: http://www.celebritycarsblog.com/

Pierce Brosnan’s Slick Aston Martin December 17, 2008

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Bond, James Bond.

This is of course the famous line delivered so suavely by a number of actors who have played the ever-popular 007.

Sean Connery usually tops the list of favorites to play the role, but many have given Pierce Brosnan props for bringing an air of classiness to Bond’s modern treatment. He began with GoldenEye, and then the successful followups Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.


Bond is well known for his brushes with danger, his skill with the ladies, his “shaken not stirred” martini, and of course the wacky gadgets which can often be seen on his cars.

But what does Brosnan drive in real life? Perhaps it is not surprising that the actor zooms around in a stylish Aston Martin Vanquish, a vehicle prominantly featured in Die Another Day.  This vehicle surely turns heads with its bold styling, 200mph top speed and abilty to go from 0 to 60mph in 4 seconds.

SC06 Aston Martin Vanquish green.jpg

images: wikipedia.org

Justin Timberlake’s Off-Road Ride December 12, 2008

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Justin Timberlake got his start with the supergroup *NSYNC, a boyband which was in a constant battle with rivals The Backstreet Boys  to win the hearts of pre-teen girl worldwide.

Justin Timberlake’s White Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Timberlake crafted his image well during his years with the annoying boy-band, so much so that after the band’s inevitable demise, he was ready to face the world solo. With help from veteran producers, Timberlake crafted a cool, smooth urban appeal which won him a huge following and critical success.

So what does Timberlake drive? A Bentley? A Jag? Nope, this celeb shows his down to earth roots by cruisin in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

image: ridelust.com

This rough and ready ride is great on and off road:https://i1.wp.com/www.autoblog.com/media/2006/04/Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimited-1.JPG

image: autoblog.com

Kim Kardashian’s Bentley December 9, 2008

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Kim Kardashian, the gorgeous socialite, is no stranger to the gossip pages. Like many of her peers who are “famous for doing nothing”, Kardashian began her “career” with the release of a sex tape which was widely distributed across the internet. She has parlayed this noteriety into a lucrative mini empire including a reality show, fashion contracts and regular tabloid headlines.



Despite all this fame, it is clear that Kardashian’s famous curves come in a close second to the curves of her chosen ride: a Bentley Continental GTC.

This ride is designed by Dirk van Braeckel and it boasts a top speed of nearly 200mph, which comes in handy when trying outrun the papparazi!. The car’s engine is  a twin-turbo charged 6.0L beast which can pump out 552 hp. This version of the Bentley GT is closely related to teh Continental Flying Spur, a vehicle that wowed spectaters when it was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.

kim kardashian bentley


George Clooney’s Coffin-mobile December 8, 2008

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George Clooney has been a modern day screen icon throughout the 90’s and into the present day. He made a name for himself on the popular hospital drama ER before an even more successful foray into big screen motion pictures.

george clooney tango 600 electric


A string of critical and commercial hits followed including “The Perfect Storm”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and culminating in a Best Supporting Actor win for “Syrianna”. These successes solidified his reputaton as a A-list actor as well as a heatthrob to his legion of female admirers.

So what does this suave superstar drive? An Aston Martin? A BMW? Nope. He can actually be seen cruising the mean streets in an electric Tango 600, perhaps one of the most hideous vehicles ever produced.

The Tango resembles an anorexic Smart and is priced at $108,000! It is made by the Washington based Commuter Cars and boasts A width of under 40 inches and a 0-60mph of 4 seconds. Clooney’s association with the vehicle brought the car company some much appreciated PR and it also highlighted the star’s dedication to environmental causes.

David Beckham and the Cadillac Escalade December 5, 2008

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Which soccer player can bend the ball, confounding players with the curve of its flight and leaving them shocked as it enters the goal?


Yes, none other than David Beckham.
The UK superstar has made his reputation playing for the Manchester United League where he quickly established himself as a rising star.
In 2003, there was talk that he would be sold to Barcelona, but he was instead sold to Real Madrid for 35 million Euros! In 2007, Beckham was sold to the Los Angeles Galaxy.
The player has been in the news most often for his high profile marriage to Victora, aka posh spice of the has-been group the Spice Girls.
When Beckham isn’t kicking around a ball, he’ drives around in a Cadillac Escalade, a monstrous SUV which is ironically known as the ride of the ‘big ballers’.
The latest generation of Escalades boasts 403 horsepower and a weight of 6,800 lbs.