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A Veyron and….Simon Cowell??! December 3, 2008

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Simon Cowell, the A&R agent turned reality talent show judge is well known for his blunt opinions of contestants as well as his generally smug and pompous attitude.


Who would have thought that this empty blowhard was actually a car enthusiast?  Well either he is, or he was compensating in a major way when he purchased the holy of holies: a Bugatti Veyron.

The Veyron is of course, the fastest street legal car in the world and comes with a jaw dropping $1,000,000+ price tag! It is a marvel of engineering which has raised the bar among supercars and now has set the standard for other manufacturers to surpass.

The car burns through its tank of fuel in 12 minutes at its top speed of 250+mph, which would be fast enought to outrun a mob of fans if Cowell had any…

The bombastic windbag has even announced plans of buying a second for use in London.


images: dailymail.co.uk


Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari 308 GT November 28, 2008

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The year was 1980, the place, a luxuriantly beautiful Hawaii. It was a time when criminals had much to fear from crime fighter extraordinare Thomas Magnum and his awe-inspiring moustache.

The story was simple. Magnum lived in opulent surroundings which were funded by a mysterious benefactor. His only task in life was to live it up and get into interesting adventures. Whew! Now that’s the life for me!


And yet even Selleck’s famous ‘stache was outshined by a set of wheels– a Ferrari 308 GT to be exact. The car carried Tom Selleck faithfully and made sure that he would dispatch the baddies in style.

The Ferrai 308 is the name of several versions of the car produced from 1975 to 1985. The American versions of the vehicle were 240 hp and were made with glass reinforced plastic making them extremely light. However, steel versions were later rolled out. A number of different models were use for the filming of the TV show.


The Homer: The Ugliest Car of All Time November 24, 2008

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In one famous episode of the Simpsons, Homer discovers that he has a long lost half brother named Herb. Herb resembles Homer except that he has a full head of hair and he’s an extremely rich and successful businessman.

After reuniting with Homer, Herb is so overcome with emotion that he puts him in charge of designing his car company’s next generation vehicle.


Needless to say, Homer is an idiot and the script writes itself. The engineers are shocked at Homer’s lack of design sense. He demands that every cheesy item that can be added to a car come as a standard feature.

When the car is finally unveiled, the crowd is horrified. The vehicle has huge fins, a bubble dome and it plays La Cucaracha with its horn! When Herb finds out the car will cost $84,000 he falls to his knees and shouts “I’m ruined!”

Meanwhile inside the car, Homer waves cheerfully.

Herb is reduced to a penniless bum.


images: wikicars

Knight Rider: KITT the Talking Car November 18, 2008

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Knight Rider was a smash hit of the 1980’s and starred the now washed up, soulful singer David Hasselhoff, who fought crime with help from a talking car.

Hasselhoff played Michael Knight, and his car KITT was a faithful sidekick in the form of a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird.

KITT was one badass ride, and was tricked out enough to make James Bond’s cars jealous. Some of its choice features included a turbo boost which would allow it to accelerate rapidly and even fly through the air in short bursts, a flamethrower, and a tear gas launcher!


(image: classic car)

Amazingly, this series is being revived in both film and tv in 2008! The new KITT is a burley looking Mustang that will be voiced by Val Kilmer. The vehicle will sport the same distinctive hood light that is KITT’s trademark, but other than that is completely different.

(image: cnet.com)

My Mother, the Car November 12, 2008

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File this one in the “so wacky you can’t make this up” category…


In 1965 a show called “My Mother, the Car” was produced and ran for only one season. In the show, an attorney named David Crabtree buys an antique car only to hear it call his name–in his dead mother’s voice! Yes, it turns out the car is actually his reincarnated mother. The show follows Crabtree’s adventures as he attempts to keep Mother out of the clutches of a shady car collector…


Mother herself was specially built by a company called Barris Kustom Industries. The vehicle had a 4.6L Chevy V8. The body was made from parts of a number of 1920’s autos including a Model T, a Hudson and a Maxwell.

How bad was this show? Well, TV guide ranked it as the second worst show of all time, just behind Jerry Springer…