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The Homer: The Ugliest Car of All Time November 24, 2008

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In one famous episode of the Simpsons, Homer discovers that he has a long lost half brother named Herb. Herb resembles Homer except that he has a full head of hair and he’s an extremely rich and successful businessman.

After reuniting with Homer, Herb is so overcome with emotion that he puts him in charge of designing his car company’s next generation vehicle.


Needless to say, Homer is an idiot and the script writes itself. The engineers are shocked at Homer’s lack of design sense. He demands that every cheesy item that can be added to a car come as a standard feature.

When the car is finally unveiled, the crowd is horrified. The vehicle has huge fins, a bubble dome and it plays La Cucaracha with its horn! When Herb finds out the car will cost $84,000 he falls to his knees and shouts “I’m ruined!”

Meanwhile inside the car, Homer waves cheerfully.

Herb is reduced to a penniless bum.


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