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Knight Rider: KITT the Talking Car November 18, 2008

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Knight Rider was a smash hit of the 1980’s and starred the now washed up, soulful singer David Hasselhoff, who fought crime with help from a talking car.

Hasselhoff played Michael Knight, and his car KITT was a faithful sidekick in the form of a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird.

KITT was one badass ride, and was tricked out enough to make James Bond’s cars jealous. Some of its choice features included a turbo boost which would allow it to accelerate rapidly and even fly through the air in short bursts, a flamethrower, and a tear gas launcher!


(image: classic car)

Amazingly, this series is being revived in both film and tv in 2008! The new KITT is a burley looking Mustang that will be voiced by Val Kilmer. The vehicle will sport the same distinctive hood light that is KITT’s trademark, but other than that is completely different.

(image: cnet.com)