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Chris Brown, Rihanna and a Lamborghini March 1, 2009

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Chris Brown, the R&B sensation, has accomplished much in a short amount of time. At the tender age of 19, he already has a string of hits including radio juggernauts “Kiss Kiss” and “With You”. Brown’s successes are not limited to only soulful croonings. He recently forayed into the world of acting– guest starring in episodes of the O.C.


Unfortunately, Brown’s fame has been overshadowed by a recent domestic violence incident when he was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend Rihanna. He was unavailable to perform at the Grammys, and now his future seems uncertain. Pictures of Rihanna emerged showing the extent of the damage, and fueling anger toward Brown’s actions.

Now onto what matters–the cars…..

Brown was known to have a Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe– an awesome ride fit for a celebrity who feels he has to impress people further. Yet despite this apparent ownership, it was Brown’s rented Lambo that was taken by police and may be used to build evidence against him. This sad vehicle is wasting away in a police impound lot awaiting its day in court. Now that’s the real crime…