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Criss Angel’s Amazing Lineup of Cars February 23, 2009

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Criss Angel levitated to the heights of popularity in the last few years and gained a large following in the process. Like David Blaine, Angel is part of the new breed of magicians who eschew the smoke, mirrors, and tigers of yesteryear in favor of a more closeup and intimate style of magic. This includes card and coin tricks as well as a host of original acts such as walking on water and tearing a woman in half.


These sensational displays have resulted in the magician’s own TV specials and shows. And this in turn lead to $$$$ and the potential for living the lavish lifestyle. So it is not too surprising that Angel has a collection of cars including what appears to be a Lamborghini, Corvette and a Viper. All of these beauties are “murdered out”, i.e. painted black with black mods and accessories–quite fitting for a practitioner of the “dark arts”!


source: www.celebritycarsblog.com