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Gavin Rossdale and his Family-Wagon January 22, 2009

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The rise and fall of grunge defined the US music scene of the early 90’s. Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and others let loose a torrent of angsty hits upon the apathetic youth–songs which are forever tied to the spirit of that age.


Out of grunge’s ashes rose a loosely defined genre known as post-grunge, which melded grungy residuals with a more commercial appeal. The poster-band of this movement was Bush, lead by vocalist Gavin Rossdale.

Rossdale and Co. were a huge success in the US, and the singer’s scratchy vocals could be heard in such hits as “Machinehead”, “The Chemicals Between Us”, and “Swallowed”. Rossdale’s post-Bush public life has been dominated by his marriage to No Doubt songstress Gwen Stefani and the pair’s two children. With a growning family, it is not surprising that Rossdale opts for an R-Class Mercedes Wagon.


This beast boasts all of Mercedes’s familiar luxuries, plus extra room for all the kiddies!

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