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David Beckham and the Cadillac Escalade December 5, 2008

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Which soccer player can bend the ball, confounding players with the curve of its flight and leaving them shocked as it enters the goal?


Yes, none other than David Beckham.
The UK superstar has made his reputation playing for the Manchester United League where he quickly established himself as a rising star.
In 2003, there was talk that he would be sold to Barcelona, but he was instead sold to Real Madrid for 35 million Euros! In 2007, Beckham was sold to the Los Angeles Galaxy.
The player has been in the news most often for his high profile marriage to Victora, aka posh spice of the has-been group the Spice Girls.
When Beckham isn’t kicking around a ball, he’ drives around in a Cadillac Escalade, a monstrous SUV which is ironically known as the ride of the ‘big ballers’.
The latest generation of Escalades boasts 403 horsepower and a weight of 6,800 lbs.



Sachin’s Ferrari Controversy December 1, 2008

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Sachin Tendulkar is likely the most popular sports figure in India and his skill playing cricket has been much admired throughout the world.


image: abc.net

When Tendulkar hit his 29th century, Ferrari decided to celebrate the milestone by giving him a Ferrari-360 Modeno. However, there was one snag. The import duty for the vehicle’s entry to India would be a whopping $350,000– more than the cost of the car itself!

The cricketer applied for a wavier which the star-struck court promptly granted. This lead to a to a firestorm of protest across the country, with many complaining that Tendulkar was being given special treatment by the authorities. The debate raged and many citizens, while agreeing the fee was high, were outraged that a star could be considered above the law.

Fiat, Ferrari’s owner (and the brand officially endorsed by Tendulkar) finally stepped in offering to pay the tax and end the controversy.


image: www.picasaweb.com