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Paris Hilton’s Barbie Car! January 28, 2009

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When the topic of brainless socialites comes up, one name is heard above all others. Paris Hilton!

The hotel-heiress is now firmly established in pop culture and is as infamous as she is famous. Whatever her true personality might be is hidden under a torrent of gossip, tabloid news, and perceptions shaped by the media.


Paris first rocketed to fame with the release of a widely distributed sex-tape. She continuted to be talked about after numerous ads, fashion tie-ups and hook-ups kept her in the spotlight. Most recently she forayed into the world of pop music with an effort which, though not a fiasco, was still decidedly underwhelming.  Many have compared Paris to Barbie, because of their shared glamorous lifestyles,  objectification by the observer and the fact that both are made of plastic.

Now when you think of Barbie, what color comes to mind? Pink of course! Pink is unsurprisingly Paris’s favorite color and is fitting for her ride of choice.  Now the Bentley Continental GT Coupe is an eye catching ride by any standards, but after getting the Paris treatment the vehicle has been transformed into a monstrosity that can only be described with howls. The car was showcased at SEMA in 2008 and modified by West Coast customs.

source: http://www.celebritycarsblog.com




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