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Kim Kardashian’s Bentley December 9, 2008

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Kim Kardashian, the gorgeous socialite, is no stranger to the gossip pages. Like many of her peers who are “famous for doing nothing”, Kardashian began her “career” with the release of a sex tape which was widely distributed across the internet. She has parlayed this noteriety into a lucrative mini empire including a reality show, fashion contracts and regular tabloid headlines.



Despite all this fame, it is clear that Kardashian’s famous curves come in a close second to the curves of her chosen ride: a Bentley Continental GTC.

This ride is designed by Dirk van Braeckel and it boasts a top speed of nearly 200mph, which comes in handy when trying outrun the papparazi!. The car’s engine is  a twin-turbo charged 6.0L beast which can pump out 552 hp. This version of the Bentley GT is closely related to teh Continental Flying Spur, a vehicle that wowed spectaters when it was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.

kim kardashian bentley




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